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Does anyone know a good place to get preemie clothes???

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A friend of mine told me that when her daughter was born, she actually got doll clothing for some things. She found it to be easier to find & more selection....:yup: Her daughter was 3 months early.

thanks thats a good idea it will atleast work for a little while!!!

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Both my girls are small and were in preemie sizes when they were first born. I was able to find a few things at Babies R Us. We didn't have a Walmart around at the time, but I've also heard they carry preemie sizes.


I definitely recommend the doll clothes. My girls weren't as small as your niece, but the preemie sizes were still big on them.


Congratulations on your niece! Is she doing well? :gdbouquet1:

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there are nice preemie clothes at Walmart and Babies R Us...you can also find them in higher end stores like Maceys, Younkers, etc


doll clothes might fit, but depending on different preemie 'issues', they may be too scratchy...some preemies end up having sensory disorders and even ill-fitting clothes can upset their systems and end up making them sick, so be careful with that


a good thing to get (I had 3 preemies) are those bag sleepers...you know the ones that have a tshirt top and then it's a long skirt? those will fit almost any size baby...you put a nice onesie and warm socks on with it and a hat and it will work very well (and is good for those with sensory issues too cause nothing is 'binding' on their legs, etc)


good luck!

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I volunteer with the March of Dimes, and we just got done a preemie clothing collection in honor of prematurity awareness month (November). Here's the resource list:



Websites with free patterns in sewing, knitting and crocheting formats.










Here are a few websites to look at (there are probably many more!)






We have found that more and more local stores are carrying preemie items. Here are just a few that we’ve come across: Zutano, Walmart, Carters Outlet, Gymboree.


My oldest was a preemie (just barely 32 weeks). I'll keep your sister and her family in my thoughts and prayers.

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My MIL makes American Girl/Bitty Baby doll clothes and we sell them out of her shop and at a few craft shows around town. There have been several times over the years she has sold them for preemies or has been asked to make them. Since there still may be a few shows this time of year in your area you could try checking them out for 15-18 inch doll clothes. If you chat up the crafter you may find someone to make them for you pretty cheap. Those of us who still "play" with dolls are usually suckers for the live ones too!! ;)
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My twins were born at 23 weeks, they were barely a pound and a half a piece. I found most of Dyl's preemie clothes at Dillards, carter outlet store and Gymboree. I'll be thinking of you niece. If your sister would like to message me with any questions or just wants to visit with someone who has been in her shoes feel free to PM me.
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i have seen some clothes at walmart but i also saw some online at stores that specialize in preemie clothes i just didnt know which was the best route to go b/c the preemie stores are really expensive for something she wont wear very much....

I completely agree it is not worth it to spend a ton on preemie clothes or even any 0-12 months clothes cause the are ougrown very quickly and end up getting spit up or poop stains anyway. Burlington coat factory has some cheap sometimes especially on clearance. Also if you dont mind going the second hand route big thrift stores such as the red white and blue often have tons of baby clothes often never used with the original tags still attached. Or you could check on craigslist or freecycle. Just be sure to wash em with a baby safe laundry detergent.

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