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$14.97 Etienne Aigner Cashmere Lined Leather Glove @ boscovs.com


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Etienne Aigner Cashmere Lined Leather Glove

Item # 26872 Price: $65.00 Now! $14.97




Etienne Aigner 100% Cashmere Lined Leather Glove. Available in Signature (shown at left), Black, Impala (dark brown) and Conker (burgundy). Sizes S-XL.



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Thank you!!! I was eyeing these up earlier, but the price went flying back up. :rolleyes:


They've got some great sales there, free shipping over $50 and a $10 gift card for orders over $75. I love Boscovs for the quality & selection, the sales make it that much better. :)


Anyone looking to fill out the order to get free shipping - check the outlet area. Lots of deals for under $10, I bought a thermal gravy boat for $2.99 and Halloween/harvest stuff is marked to 75% off.

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