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Can anyone tell me the difference between the Wii zapper with Link's crossbow training (sells for $19.00 on Amazon) and "the Zapper Gun - wii zapper gun wii blaster zapper gun" (original price $149.00 on sale now at Amazon for $15.99) I can't imagine this kind of a discount if the product is any good - There are no reviews and I don't know the difference
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List Price: $149.99

Price: $15.99

You Save: $134.00 (89%)





Wii Zapper with Link's Crossbow Training

Price: $19.99 & eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime








That has got to be a pricing error. There is NO difference between them. The same seller also has it listed for $80 but comes with a controller and nunchuck.



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They do look to be the same but they are sold by different sellers and they show price if they are bought together?? Why would amazon show both if they are not different??

Because many other companies and individuals use Amazon's virtual market front to sell their items. The item with the 'big' discount is being sold by someone else. They entered the description. The other one is sold by Amazon with their description.

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