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Target Exclusive - Lucky the Wonder Pup

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Is this what you're looking for?

Yes But...Target had a exclusive one that came with a keychain,a bone and a dog carrier/bed.Only target has this one.All the other stores lucky just comes with himself.So i was wondering if anyone ever saw this exclusive set.

Its this one.


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Target had a exclusive Lucky the Wonder Pup that came with a bone, carrier and a key chain.Has anyone seen this in their stores?Cant even find it on ebay.


Where did you see that Target was offering the exclusive one? In an ad? I don't remember it having all that. I did purchase one at Target on 11/23/08 for $34.99 DCPI 086080630 Description on receipt is NCF LUCKY TH $34.99. I am not sure can't remember if it had anything extra in the box. It was the only one I saw there. I will have to check.

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