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I'm looking for a good deal on a mid-range commuter bicycle. I'm looking for durability first (I often bike at night and Austin's streets are teeming with potholes,) but I don't want a bike that weighs a ton.


The Mongoose Pathfinder on Amazon looks like a great deal at $184.99 plus shipping (it mentions regular price of $499.99.) The total comes to roughly $230 after taxes, shipping, and A9 discount.


So basically what I'm interested in is:


1. Good website where I can read reviews on various bicycles (including this one.)

2. Good website where I can buy a bike at a better deal than this.

3. Way to save even more on this deal, if possible.

4. Words of warning (i.e. why is this bike seemingly so cheap?)



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It looks like that might be your best price. I got my hopes up for you because I know SportsAuthority.com has a 15% off coupon code (AFFMAY15) until the end of the month but Mongoose is one of the excluded brands :( Would have bee nice.


The 2 reviews on Amazon seem to show that it's a nice bike for the money. I don't think it every really sold for $500 though.


Here is the bike on Amazon for anyone who wants to look for another deal:



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I don't know if you pulled the trigger already, but if this is a "commuter" bike, I would shy away from low end full suspension bikes. There will be a lot of pedal bob, and you will lose a lot of energy to that.


A hardtail is best for the road.


Just my $0.02

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No, I still haven't pulled the trigger and your point is well taken. I once rented a full-suspension bike and it was like riding a rocking horse. But my last bike was a slightly cheaper Mongoose with 'dual-suspension' and it was pretty stiff so I figured I'd take a chance.


Looks like the shipping rebate from Sears is gone now anyway. Amazon has a few hardtails, but no ratings to speak of. Was hoping a bike might show up in one of their 'Friday sales' but no luck recently. I'll probably just end up going to Walmart and buying some $200 bike and hope for the best ...

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I'm also looking for a bike. I ride in town during the week, but I like to do trails and offroad stuff on the weekends. There are some singletrack trails in the area that I'm looking to ride on the weekends.


Anyone have any opinions on if I should go with a $300 - $400 Trek or Gary Fisher or should I go with the Mongoose / Shwinn type bike from a B&M store?

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If you want a quality mtn bike with a good frame and components I would avoid newer Mongoose bikes. I have an older Mongoose and it's rock solid but this was before they were sold off.


Check your local bike shops and I would also consider Specialized and Giant. You should be able to find a nice bike in the $300 - $500 price range.

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