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Best Place for Clothes?


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If you go here: http://blackfriday.gottadeal.com/sales

Put in a search for "hoodie" or "jeans" and it will pull up the various deals for Black Friday.


Also make sure you watch the Online Hot Deals forum: HERE I've seen some pretty good deals on hoodies in that forum, and year round at that. Not sure if there are any at this moment, but you could search that forum.



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I want to buy some hoodies and jeans and I am thinking about sears. Any suggestions?

hoodies and jeans?

i would go to old navy to also get the free mp3 player


i am looking for a winter coat and boots............. i need something very warm.....i work 6 blocks away, nice little walk.......... but very LONG walk if i am not bundled

............ not having much luck with these ads.... best i can come up with is just go to Burlington coat factory

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