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Close to free flights on Independence Air this summer


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The article comes from the WSJ yesterday - I live on the west coast so this is of no use to me. I don't know how to post links - first-time poster.


This is from Independence Air's site:



it's easy with the GLiDE Pass.

The GLiDE Pass gets you all the summer flyin' you can handle on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays among all our destinations East of the Mississippi from May 1-August 31, 2005. All you need to pay each time you fly are the applicable fees and taxes, which can be up to $20.40 per one-way flight--or about the cost of a large pizza.*


You also get big discounts on the other days of the week, and to the West all the time. It's an awesome deal @ $249*. Passes are limited, so buy now while they're still available.


Remember! The GLiDE Summer Travel Pass is for college students 18-25 only!

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y'ever notice that you spend soooo many years of your life being too young for everything good... then...>>>>SUDDENLY<<<< You're too old for everything?!?!


Crap maaaaan... At least the sex keeps getting better and better!!


But no great deals on travel, I'll tell ya that!!


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