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Columbia Fleece Throws $9.99 ea @ Amazon.com


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These are nice. I wish they were bigger, though.


My teenage sons and their friends say their feet get cold with the 50 x 60s I already have for them in the linen closet to use for sleepovers. I'm looking to stock up on some 50 x 70s to make sure those feet stay toasty-warm, then I'll pass the smaller ones on to my dogs. :D

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Has anyone had these before? They do look very nice, love the colors--but I really like to "Touch" the throws first, see if there is any thickness to them.

Is that the same Columbia name that made winter Jackets and such?


Based on the reviews at Amazon, it is the same "Columbia" outerwear company. Except for one jerk that really didn't leave a review of the product, the reviews are good.

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