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Hello everyone,


I received my 3-disc Blu-Ray copy of WallE today, :D. I should mention though, I preordered my copy on Disney.com, therefore it came with a set of four lithographs (17wX11l).


In addition to this fact I recently signed up for the Disney movie rewards and for $3.50 I was able to order a small poster of the WallE Movie (10wX14l).


Therefore, my question is this. Where can I get frames for these photos, cheap. I would prefer all black frames (to contrast my white wall). I would also prefer something that is metal or has a finish that looks like metal. I prefer the frame to be simple and clean (as in fancy curls or complex designs in the frame. I would prefer a mat around the photo but it isn't absolutely necessary.


Anybody know where I can get some frames that will fit these photos?


If it helps, I was thinking of putting a lithograph, one on each side, of the move poster itself.

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When you say "make frames in the store", what exactly do you mean? Also do you know how much they charge for custom frames or frames in general?

I honesty never asked about them.

You pick out they type of frame metal or wood the colour and the style and tell them what size and they assemble it and put your picture in it.:)

You can always get a bigger frame and get a paper border for it.:yup:

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