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Help me finish my list


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What would you recommend and/or where is the best deal?


1. I need a digital camera for my 17 year old. She's going into interior decorating. So crossing my fingers that the camera will last that long, I thought about getting her a nice one like one of those new touch screen cameras.


2. My son lists Rockband2/ Guitar Hero World Tour. They are getting a Wii so I thought it would be good to get it for that. We already have Guitar Hero for PS2 and Rockband for xbox360. Which one or both and where would you get it cheapest?


3. Guitar Hero for DS??? Seen a deal on it???


4. Other daughter wants the newest generation of iPod and she wants it in bright green. Will someone have a deal besides buying it from the Apple Store?


5. Dh wants one of those 7" in dash gps/ dvd player things. He seems to think there is one that plays live streaming tv. Does anyone know what he's talking about??

Thanks for your help!!

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I think RB 2 is on sale today at TRU with the guitar for $99 plus you get a $10 gc


I was at Circuit City and they had some really nice cameras under $150..the guy rec

Sony and Canon...he showed me the pros and cons of each camera..very helpful.


My sons ex g/f wanted the bright blue Ipod and the only place we could find it last

year was online and it was fairly cheap. It may have been a refurbished one but it has

been problem free and she loves it.


Good Luck..remember when they were little and the only thing that they wanted were

trucks and dolls and then they would end up playing with the paper and boxes anyways :tongue1:

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For a camera, we have had great luck with the Canon Powershot. They are great little cameras and are easy to use. The pictures are crisp, clear, and colorful. I purchased both from amazon. I just bought a 3rd one for my 11 year old DD for Christmas in pink. I think it was $156.00. Just go to www.amazon.com and then type in Canon Powershot. You will have lots and lots of choices. All of the reviews are also very very helpful. My oldest DD and I have had our cameras for 3 years with no issues!


For GH World Tour for the Wii, do you belong to Costco? If so, I have seen them there for $169.99. Our sales tax is so high in TN that it was about a wash for me to pay $189.99 at Amazon with no sales tax. I think that the GH Aerosmith has been on sale for $19.99.

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