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check walmart.com for wii fit in local store


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I wasnt sure where to post this, but I've been searching all over columbus ohio and online for the wii fit with no luck. Seems like I'm always too late. When searching walmart.com the only thing I could find was the bundle which is always out of stock and not available in store. I came across this link for the wii fit (no bundle) which is out of stock online, but allows you to search local stores for inventory.




just enter your zip and it will search walmart stores in your area and let you know which ones have it in stock. the one that showed for me was about 1/2 hour away so I called before driving that far. I was told they have 10 instock. when I got there, there were non on the floor so the associate told me they were out. I told her to check the inventory because when I called 1/2 hour prior, I was told there were 10... after waiting to hear back from the assistant manager, we find out they were still on a truck. I had to wait for them to unload the pallet from the truck but walked out of the store with 3 wii fits.

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I have had that be inaccurate before for things. I know this sounds silly, but I LOVE Armour Chili and they no longer carry it here. I was searching online for it and WalMart came up. They said they carried it at a WalMart 45 miles away, so I sent my dh out to get me all they had of it. They didn't carry it. I was so frustrated!


Our WalMart will only let you buy one wii fit

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