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Go to the kb toys web site and check your store hours! not all open at 12 some open at 1am and 5 am....

I just want to point this out and second it. Not all KB Toys will be opening at midnight. Please please please verify with your store what time they are opening before you head out there.


I'd hate for you to get in line at 9pm or 10pm for the store not to open until 5am. Depending on your location 3-5 hours early should be sufficient to get a good spot in line.

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KB in Deptford,NJ is always a mob scene. We tried shopping there one year and it was totally rediculous. The line to get into the store went through the entire top level of the Deptford Mall. From one end to another. They started letting people in @ 3am, but they started by letting in 100 when the store open and then let in people ten at a time to control the crowd.
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Is any one looking for radio-controlled Toys?.Hear i have seen it flyinghippy(dot)co(dot)uk

I hope it will help u.


Flying Hippy! It’s the best place on the web for those hard to source gifts, whether you’re looking for cool film memorabilia gifts for film buffs, the perfect pampering gift for someone who loves to luxuriate in a bubble bath, unusual gift ideas for that person who has everything, or exciting gifts for anyone lucky enough to be moving into a new home.



Flying Hippy

8 Mannor Rd




DA15 7HX

Phone:0845 680 0789

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