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Target Wii Game Deal 11/2-11/8 Buy 2 Get 1 Free


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YAY! I will probably go to the store and take advantage of this deal. The only problem is that they don't seem to have much stock on each of the games. Whenever they run a good sale they usually have rainchecks up at my Targets after the first day of the ad :(
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Tell me that is not so. I was hoping to put in the sing it bundle as part of the deal.

if you read the small print of the ad it says that. the one game i really want does not come out till tuesday (i will be working the election) and by then they will probaly be out of stock of the other two games I want.


the fine print says: free offer includes all regular $49.99 and less wii games. each purchased wii game must be equal or greater value than the price of the free wii game.


but maybe you could use the sing it as part of the deal but you would have to chose a free game that is $49.99 or less.

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Just got back from Target...........mind you not intending to get this, but I remembered they were doing it. Had to go by there. Mind you I just got a Wii for my DS11 soon to be 12 and I had to add to starter collection. They had a Wii Play for 49.99 that was counted and I got Mario Galaxy and Mario battle brawlers or something or other:yup: Wasn't a bad deal considering we have no games. Thanx
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