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BAKUGAN @ amazon.com 22.99 battle pack


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http://www.amazon.com/Bakugan-Starter-Pack-styles-colors/dp/B00134H320/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games&qid=1227281554&sr=1-1 & click the new&used options to see the amazon.com $15.99 item


(not sure it's the same )FWIW - I just ordered today - states 11/28 ship date BUT the price was $15.99 & f/s w/$25 purchase

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What I think is funny is I clicked on "More Buying Choices" just to see the different prices, but at the top of that page, it says:


Price at a Glance

List Price: $24.99

New: from $48.00



So, essentially, it is saying that the Bakugan Battle Pack list price is $25, but everyone is selling them for about twice that.


That amused me for some reason this morning.

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:o yeah, didnt see that part. LOL


Me either...I saw the one above my post was from today...didn't look at the first one...LOL!


I am going to try to get one from Sam's Club (no Costco near me), but I have to get my friend who has the membership to go with me...LOL

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