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dog house

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My husband built our own. This was 6 years ago. Do you think any of our 3 dogs would go in it? NO. They are scared of it. I don't have the heart to get rid of it as its custom made and absolutely gorgeous. My husband manages a company, but is also used to own his own construction company. He got ambitious with our first dog and built a house with a window, shingled the roof, etc. He even custom made our deck which has the dog house on it. The dog house has its own welcome sign, etc. lol, my kids used to play in it and thats it.
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does it need to be big enough for your DH too, or just the canine? what size dog?



Hahahaha- maybe it should be big enough to fit both!!!!! We actually have two big dogs but the girl dog won't share, so we are looking for a house for our 105 lb german shephard (he got bored one day and ripped the roof off their nice insulated barn dog house, but it was getting old anyway)

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