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Craftsman Hydraulic Stool for $44.99 @ Sears.com **DEAD


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So you actually get 2 of these for $44.99!!! I thought you had to buy two in order to get the $44.99 price on each. Now, do I want to pay shipping of $14.50????

My husband has one of these already and likes it. I had been considering getting one for my Dad for Christmas. They were 1/2 off I think last Black Friday.


Anyone know of any free shipping codes? It's still a good deal even with shipping though, but it doesn't hurt to ask before I take the plunge.

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Never mind. I got the pick up in store option to work. It didn't recognize it for some reason the first time I selected it.


This is an EXCELLENT deal. Thank you so much.



Coupon Discount: $-5.00

Subtotal: $44.99

Sales Tax: $3.15

Order Total: $48.14!!!


I paid more than that for just 1 last year!!!

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Deal must be dead. When I purchased earlier this morning and updated the quantity to 2 in my cart there was text that read something like... Hot Deal of the day buy 1 get 1 free... I just tried again and I'm not seeing that. I sure hope it wasn't an error on the site and that my order doesn't get cancelled. :(
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