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Free Frosty weekend (May 13-15) at Wendy's


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I got 3, oops.. :(


I also got a coupon for $1.00 any value meal (x3 coupons). I'm going back tomorrow to all of the Wendys.


At the Wendy's at Columbus Park Crossing the guy next to me said "Hey-- lady, I want my frosty" and she was like "uhh.. what frosty?.. " and he was like "you know, the free one, sorry-- the ad on tv said to say 'i want my frosty'" -- crazy people. the lady nicely asked me if I wanted mine for free.

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Just a repost police officer. :)



yikes. and they're all in different forum. No wonder I thought that this was posted before, it's just at the wrong forum..



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