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I am looking for a good price on a dig camera for my mother in law for Christmas. She currently uses those disposable cameras and I can't stand that! She thinks mine is confusing, so I want to get her something basic, that is easy to use ( she is only 48 yrs old, but is so not tech savvy)

Any suggestions on what to get her?

Thanks for your help! :)

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I plan on getting the Polaroid one at Rite Aid on black friday or thanksgiving. It is 99.99 regularly then it is on sale for 89.99, then it has a 40.00 mail in rebate. So a 100 dollar camera for 50 bucks ain't bad, i think. Plus it has great reviews. I use rite aid rebates all the time and it is quick and easy to do all on line, no mailing. Plus the rebate comes fast in the mail.
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