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Fiesta 4-Piece Place Setting in Evergreen - $2.97 (Was $48) @ Amazon


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I was able to order 4 sets - Maybe ordering is just hit and miss or something.


Items Ordered Price

4 of: Fiesta Evergreen 831 4 Piece Place Setting [Kitchen]

Sold by: Macy's (seller profile)



- 4 item(s) Gift options: None


Item(s) Subtotal: $11.88

Shipping & Handling: $5.95


Total Before Tax: $17.83

Estimated Tax: $0.76


Grand Total: $18.59


Thanks OP!

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Aaaargh! *grumble* I hate when I find a deal on here I really want and can't get it :tongue1:


I live close to a Fiesta outlet store and you never see anything this cheap. The store has a tent sale a couple times a year and you can get 'seconds' for next to nothing, but you have to wait in line all day to do it.

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Just got this in my e-mail - I am so bummed! :mad:


We are sorry to inform you that we could not ship the items listed below for your macys.com order placed at Amazon.com on 09/25/2008 because we are out of stock.


Amazon Order #: (Removed for privacy)


macys.com Order #: (Removed for privacy)


4 of Fiesta Evergreen 831 4 Piece Place Setting




Your account has not been charged and any money due will be promptly refunded. You can expect a separate notification about this from Amazon.com.


QUESTIONS? If you have questions about this order, including the status of your refund, you can either visit http://www.amazon.com/wheres-my-stuff or reply to this e-mail to get in touch directly with macys.com.


Thank you for shopping with macys.com at Amazon.com.

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