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Playmobil search begins...


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I hear on the news that toy prices are going to be higher this Christmas as manufacturers and retailers try to absorb the energy hikes. So I'm beginning to look for gift deals earlier than usual...


Playmobil -- not made in China, so it's one of my top priorities -- is always hard to find on sale. Anyone seen good deals lately? And does anyone use one of those e-mail alert services to find out bargains?



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That was a favorite of my kids that are now 17 & 13. We use to go to a place call Watts Tree Farm in Zionsville, Indiana. They would always have it at a discount price. It was a big treat to go because they had all the add-ons. My kids would spend hours in there if I would let them. I know they have a web-site and will ship. Just don't know how much of a discount and you would have to factor in the shipping.....Angela:)
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I have a little local teacher/toy store that sells a ton of Playmobil. Around the holidays they have them 15% off a couple times. Not much, but it's the best I've been able to find.


I tried my target, but they only had 1 set at 75% off and it's not one my kids wanted, so darn it!

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