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Cell phone?

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I'm looking for a cheap new/used cell phone that's compatible with an AT&T 3G sim card. The only requirements are it must have bluetooth capability and camera. Anyone have suggestions? I heard eBay is the best place to buy, but I'm no cell phone guru so I want to make sure I buy a compatible phone. How I do I know if a phone I search for on ebay is compatible with this SIM card? Thanks! :) Edited by Venusaur
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To select a phone that really suits you, I suggest going here: http://www.gsmarena.com/search.php3


You can then look up the phone(s) on ebay to get what you REALLY want. Be SURE and check the CONDITION!!!! Also, you may want to check to see if it is LOCKED to a carrier. If so, you will need to get it unlocked (if it is not cingular/ATT).

Ebay is cheaper and offers phones that you wouldn't be able to get normally. I've found that it is cheaper for me to purchase the phone I want off of Ebay rather than using my "trade-up credits". But there are phones there that have rolled half a football field's length accross a gravel parkinglot, ran over, then cleaned off in a toilet. You can get good deals there, just check the condition of the phone BEFORE you bid! Look at all the pics closely and ask questions.


Good luck!

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