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June Children's Place Birthday Coupon


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I went to the outlet yesterday and used the coupon. I got a HUGE bag of clothes for when school starts back up again for both of my girls for $40!

Literally i got

6 skorts

4 pairs of pants (the butterfly camo kind - green and pink - what have the button up cuffs)

4 long sleeve tees

2 sweaters

1 jean skirt w/that chiffon stuff

1 matching top for that skirt

2 matching tops for two of the skorts

6 pair of undies

2 pairs of the breezies foam shoes

and some hair accessories

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Yes, it can be printed and used in store. Has anyone been to an outlet store lately? Were there any good deals at all?

I went to the outlet a few weeks ago. They had their Easter dresses marked down to

$4.99 for girls. Really cute for summer. They also had girls jeans for $4.99. Also, they

had a few long-sleeve t-shirts for $0.99, but the selection was small.


IMO, the sales will get better in July when they start to clear out the summer stock.

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