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I bought a couple of these when Target had them at 75% off a couple/few months ago. I just got around to uploading pictures to one of the ones I bought and of course fell in love with it.

Now I want at least one more. I'm not really picky about the animal; just would like to have at least another one.

If anyone has seen these at great prices, please let me know.


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Kim, I think it would be perfect for an 11 year old. :)


I was worried that the quality of the picture on the actual Photokinz would be bad or hard to see because the screen is small. It was actually very good.


The whole process was very simple too. Basically you plug in the cable that comes with the Photokinz, the software is automatically loaded your computer and you pick the pictures you want to upload to the Photokinz. It takes two AA batteries.


I did find some on Amazon that were not very badly priced. If you search Photokinz, it will bring up ones that are around $25.00. However, if you click on the link that says New/Used from $xx.xx, there are some that are around $8.xx-$14.xx plus shipping. It's from an Amazon vendor; not Amazon so you don't get the free shipping. I think they are worth it.


Patty, thanks for the help. :) You always know where to find stuff.

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