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clothes poles??

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I have a clothesline outside but I need the poles to help support it. Does anyone know where to find them?

I guess "hanging out" has become a lost art.......:(

Where are you?? I have 2 in my back yard just sort of "there". LOL

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thanks, but I don't need the whole setup. I have that. I'm just looking for an actual pole to support the line that I already have.


Couldn't you just use anything? Am assuming by your statement that you have the lines and the hooks etc...so the pole could be anything as long as you can fit it to what you own.


Hubby is handy here so I just tell him what I want and he just does it...



I just looked at the links given and some of them are just the pole with the hooks...I guess I am confused at what less you are looking for?

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Do you mean the middle sagging?:confused:


If so I have a 2X4 with a V notch cut out of one end. I just put the line in the V and stand it up. It keeps the clothes off the ground and hangging out has saved me $50 :eyepoppin just off my bill last month!


A little time consuming, but well worth the savings! We are trying to go as green as possible and do our part.:D


Hope this helps!:yup:

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Wow, this is a flashback to my childhood.

My dad always made them out of 1X2's with a "V" notched in 1 end...much lighter and easier to move around than a 2X4.

I would choose a pressure treated 1X2 so it lasts.

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