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Pre Paid Phones

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Does anyone know anything about Virgin Mobile pre paid phones? I just bought one for $20.00 for my daughter to put away for chirstmas. I was told I got a real good deal on it but I dont really know much about it. Can anyone give me some insight on this phone? The pro's and con's ?



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my son bought a virgin mobile phone 2 weeks ago. He hates it. My husband put $20 on his account. He called my mom just to tell her about his phone. Literally it was "hi, Im calling from my phone". 2 minutes later if that he hung up. He was charged 8 minutes of talk time! I've called and they keep telling me it must be a glitch. No credit to his account as yet.


My son is saving for a Go Phone.

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We've had Virgin Mobile for over 3 years at our house and love it. I have one DD13 has one and so does DD17.


If you paid $20 for a phone and didn't buy it from the Virgin Mobile website, I'd return it if I were you. Virgin Mobile's website normally has a phone for $20 and with that you get $20 worth of minutes when you activate it online. And they don't charge for shipping. So, it's like getting the phone for free. Best Buy on Black Friday always runs some type of special on the Virgin Mobile phones.


I've only had Virgin Mobile as a prepaid phone (before I had a contract with Altell). There are so many plans to chose from. Check out their website for all the plans they offer - besides the pay as you go plan.


I've never had an issue with them and I keep an eye on calls in and calls out on both of my kids phone. You can log into your account and see who they have been calling and texting (but you can't see the text messages online), what time the call was and how long it lasted and how much you were charged.



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We had Virgin Mobile for both kids a few years ago and I never had an issue with them at all.


We did switch to a family plan because the kids didn't use their phones enough to justify putting more money on the account...but if you don't put money on the account, it will close after a bit...so we lost some money in the grand scheme of things.


I was glad to let the kids learn responsibility with those and now they take care of the family plan ones well.

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