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Mario Kart for Wii

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Like amyers said, Buy.com if you can open a new GCO account is your best bet to get it cheap online.


Costco and Sam's Club will also save you a few bucks (but you'll have to pay tax).


DeepDiscount.com has it for $48.99 shipped.


FamilyVideo.com is out of stock, but you can order it for around $43 shipped if you can find a current $5 off code.


Good luck :) It's a fun game :D

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Amazon has it in stock for $49.99. I know, I know, no discount, but also no tax and free shipping.




If I buy it at Costco instead, I only save $1.50 after tax. And I know I spent more than that in gas driving to Costco.



extra wheel is $9.99 on amazon, too.


trying to decide if it is worth it, we have it for gamecube already and no one plays it.


I think my son would rather get Lego Indiana Jones in June and I'd rather get Wii Fit :)

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thanks everyone! Amazon offered me a personal gold box deal on it for $47.99, but I found a 10% off video games coupon for Circuit city (in store only) in the coupon book from my daughters school fundraiser...so I drove down to DE and got it for $44.99 (saved $5, plus about $3 in sales tax that way)...I cannot wait to play it! I will pick up the extra wheel on amazon so my DD6 can play it with me (yes, this game is for ME! lol). Now if someone could direct me to the thread that explains all of the "friend code stuff" TIA :)
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i got mine at best buy - i had 10 dollars in reward zone certificates, and a GC for almost 40 bucks when i did their "trade in" program with an old canon s400. i paid retail and had to pay the tax, but it was paid for mostly by best buy. ;)
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