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Electric Pencil Sharpners


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Boy, did I put my foot into it last night.

I agreed to buy Electric Pencil sharpners for our classrooms at the PTA meeting. It was a heated battle, :tongue1: that ended up with me saying "I'll buy the d*** sharpners can we please move on."

So, now I need to buy a "Few" pencil sharpners. Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm sure they could, but we bought things for the PE dept.

I REALLY put my foot in my mouth. I'm personally going to buy the sharpners. I would normally donate $$$$ at the end of the year but now I have to find the right ones. Next time I will sit politely with my hands crossed. Yeah, right:g_laughin

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I am a teacher and I really love Classroom Direct. They almost always have the best prices, they have great customer service as well. I haven't checked out the electric pencil sharpeners for you but look under "office supplies". Free shipping if you spend more than $49 and if you can find a teacher that is part of the NEA, order under her name and get 10% off and free shipping for any amount.
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