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E-mealz new plans, gift certificates and discount codes


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From the Easter 2008 E-Mealz member newsletter...E-Mealz weekly meal plan & grocery list program has added a few new meal plans to its line up:



For the most budget conscious!



For the most health conscious!! Vegetarian Any Store & Vegetarian Wal-Mart


Go to e-mealz.com for more information.


Enter Coupon Code: spring for an exclusive discount on either of these new plans – good through April 15th


E-Mealz Gift Certificates

Give a Gift of simplification, organization, peace of mind and a happy family!


Give this wonderful gift to someone you love, a newlywed, a harried mom or a working professional. This is a creative way to free up and enrich someone's life and allow them to make time for their family! Check out http://www.e-mealz.com/gift.shtml.

Order by Mother’s Day and receive a 25% discount. Use Code: mom

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I enjoy E-mealz, although I have yet to just go with all the meals they list. I have some picky little eaters, so I generally have to swap out 1-2 meals per week with either a family favorite or a meal from another week's menu plan. Just remember when you do that to make a note on your weekly shopping list!


I believe they have a sample week meal plan for you to take a look at. The recipes are all pretty easy, and I like that they often include slow-cooker meals as well.


Hope that helps.

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i have been doing emealz for about 6 weeks and so far no repeats. the meals are kind of similar but definantly not the same. they provide the grocery list so that is helpful. i am a bit picky so i ususlly pick out my 4 or 5 favorites and then come up with something for the other days. i was thinking of using it for 3 months then canceling. i could just reuse the 3 months of plans i have. :)
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One of the things about E-mealz that I enjoy (in concept at least) is the store-specific meal plans/shopping lists. Now, I subscribe to the Any Store plan, as my local Walmart is not a Super Walmart with fresh stuff or anything...so I use a local chain Store (Price Chopper or Shaws). But I wish I was able to take advantage of store specific, as they supposedly take advantage of the current week's sale items to really make things budget-conscious.


That said, I have been using this service on and off for several years. I save the pdfs, print them out on scrap paper and keep them in a binder as a reference for mixing and matching. This works especially well during the "off" subscription times. Then I just wait until I see another discount code to start back up! ;)

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I just ordered the vegetarian meal plan, and so far it looks like my family will eat everything on the menu! This is much cheaper than what I was spending on dinner, and with my receipes my son didn't always like everything.


Thank You so much!

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