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Sears Qs?

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Hello fellow deal-finders, I have a couple questions about Sears? Recently, my parents acquired some extra cash for spending, and well my dad wants to spend his share on a new HDTV. The best deal he has been able to find thus far to maximize bang for his buck was a Hitachi 42" 1080p LCD HDTV from Sears for $1199.99.


The question I have about Sears is, well my aunt can get my dad $25 Sears gift cards for $20 and she can get 20 cards at this price. However, my dad and I went to Sears today to look at this HDTV and make sure he likes and while there one of the associates told my dad he could only use ten cards on an in store purchase. Is this true? Could this be avoided by making the purchase online (If the last question is true)? If the problem couldn't be remedied by making the purchase online, could the cards some how be combined into one card?


Also in an unrelated point, I hear there is a friends and family night coming up on the 30th of this month. Any idea if the friends and family discounts could be applied to this HDTV my dad wants?


Well that's all for now. I look forward to and appreciate your responses.

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Sorry, I don't have any answers to your question about the gift cards. Maybe you can call Sears and talk to someone in customer service or ask to combine the cards for bigger amounts. I bought my HD tv during a Friends and Family sale last Nov. I got a good deal on a Sony b/c of a mail in rebate and a instant discount plus the sale price. Then on BF I went in and got the price adjustment b/c it was a door buster item. I don't know about a F&F sale at the end of the month. The add may be posted here a few days before it starts, who knows. Hopefully they will have a MIR going at the same time again but doubtful b/c BF and the Superbowl are over with, not a hot time to buy a tv now.


Also it is important to go w/a good name brand on the tv, not just a low price. I would also recommend getting the extended warranty. Hope you can find your parents a good deal.

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