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the Butt/Face Towel $14 @ ThingsYouNeverKnew.com


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If you know one of those people who has to keep everything separate (we don't mean you, of course), here's the perfect towel. Thirsty terrycloth fabric with embroidered lettering makes it easy to know which end to use. It's even color-coded so no one gets confused. Ideal for (poking fun at) your finicky guests. 42" x 26". Butt Face Soap, item #80347, is also available.


http://www.thingsyouneverknew.com/website/store/product_detail.asp?UID=2008030622052948&item%5Fno=26830&keyword=26830&cat%5Fkeyword=&search%5Fpage%5Fno=1 $13.98

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