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Memory Cards for cameras

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I bought a new Fuji 8.3 MP digital camera yesteday on QVC and I need to buy an

SD or xD memory card for it. What size should I buy and where do I get the best price.


I already looked on Ebay but I am so disgusted with their shipping prices I won't buy

from them anymore:no:

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Lol Mom bought the same camera and wants me to find a card for her. They are no where near the price they used to be. I would say go with the SD over the XD though as they are easier to find and if you use the kiosks that you print out your pictures from, they all have the SD card readers, but only some have the XD's. I would get at least a 1GB.


Since yours is an 8.3 it will be slightly less, but for a 8MP here is the photo capacity:

128MB -- 35

256MB -- 69

512MB -- 143

1GB -- 290

2GB -- 582

4GB -- 1164

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