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Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS 7MP, 12x zoom, Digital Camera $185.99 Buy.com [$175.99 w/GCO]


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Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS 7 Megapixel Digital 12x optical zoom Camera $185.99 Buy.com.

New GCO customers get an additional $10 off making it $175.99.

Free shipping.


-7.1 MP resolution


-32 MB internal memory with SD/MMC expansion slot

-2.5-inch high resolution indoor/outdoor display




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Just an FYI, I had this camera and it broke (less than a year old) and since I could not find my reciept (I know stupid to not save it) they wanted 135.00 to fix it, I told them forget it and I am on the look out for a new camera that is not a kodak
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I've had a Kodak EasyShare camera and it sucked! Everyone I have talked to says that Kodak digital cameras are not good, don't waste your money!

I have had easyshare cameras in the past and they have all been great.

I guess all the people on Amazon.com that posted good reviews on this camera must be nuts :rolleyes:

Here are the reviews on Amazon.com if anyone is interested.



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