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$5.98 Tommy Hilfiger "Winding Lane" Bath Towels at Macys.com


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Only the black and white stripes available. If the price shows up as $9.97 still go ahead and place your order then call customer service, they will adjust the price for you over the phone. Or you can place the order over the phone whichever is best for you. CS# 1-800-BUY-MACY (1-800-289-6229)



Tommy Hilfiger "Winding Lane" Bath Towels

A contemporary color palate mixes with classic design on the Winding Lane bath towels which come in black and white paisley, red and black windowpane and black and white stripes.



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I have the black & white stripes hand towel,just order the washclothes and towel in parsley white and black

If you've ordered within the past 10 days you can get a price adjustment. The washtowels are now $2.98 and the if I'm not mistaken I think she said the hand towels are now $3.98 and of course the towels are $5.98.

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I got mine a few days ago. They're perfect for the guest bathroom.


I am not sure I am understanding. The bath towels are showing $9.97. What do I say to them to get them at the $5.98 rate or what have you? I want to place an order but I do not see anything that says they should be the 5.98.... HELP!!

At the time that I posted they were 5.98 maybe they went back up in price, but they're having another sale starting tomorrow so they might go back down tomorrow to 5.98.

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