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I am glad this was taken care of. To me it was never about getting the seat for the price, but the level this associate took it too. Inappropriate.


That said, I was shocked to hear about her appearance. And I have tat's and piercings! But the thing is, a lot of stores will not allow you to have piercings in during the work hours. For instance, when I worked at Sears, I had to replace my tongue ring with a place holder and they preferred I only have earrings in the lobes of my ears, not the upper cartilage even!


I've noticed many Target associates with hair of all different colors and cuts, but I've yet to see one with piercings like that (beyond a small nose stud or a very small stud through their eyebrow).


Not like it matters to me either way, but from hearing from my cousin (Target cashier) - it's against her stores policy anyway to have "excessive" body art (tats) showing or piercings.

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I am glad you could find closure to this whole mess. I know I have gotten pretty ticked at walmart already and said I would never shop there again. I just had to get over it and move on. It helps daydreaming about running the nasty MGR over with my shopping cart if I see him while I shop :tongue1:. I feel sorry for him being such a miserable a$$.
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