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Disneyshopping.com Save $14 off of $60+ for Valentine's Day


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codes didnt work for me!

not even the shipping one? that's still on their site..


and the other two codes, i wonder if you can't use them on sale merch. although they work on the 2 for $20s. I got them from a catalog they sent me one coupon says save 15% for you, and save 15% for a friend.


i'm going to go check it out.

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Happy Valentine's Day $14 Off a Purchase of $60 or More [see Details] YES [Remove Offer]

$5 Shipping on Your Order of $50 or More [see Details] YES [Remove Offer]



ok. I got everything to work but the 15% off. I double checked that coupon and here's why it won't work


offer excludes theme park passes, disney dollars, gift cards, animation art, walt disney classics, disney electronics, blue-ray discs, dvids, videos, cds, and cassettes, video games, cd-roms, you-design-it merch, wilson's leather, disney couture, nursery and adventures merch, books, sing-alongs, read-alongs, pre-sales, gift wrap, s&h, and phone orders. cannot be combined with other offers. not valid on disneyoutlet.com

granted i cut out a lot but that's the reason.

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