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I need High School Musical Wrapping Paper

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Ya know, I read the title and thought how hard can it be to find HSM paper, HSM is everywhere...... then I started looking for you, and you're right!! aside from Christmas I couldn't find anything!! I guess if noone else comes up with anything you could always do gift bags, or use the table cloth, stickers or invitations to "make your own" paper.


On a side note have you seen the personalized HSM stuff at Walmart photo?


Online they only have this




but in store they had more things like HSM or Hannah Montana messenger bags that they put your childs picture on and more.. they were pretty cute!!

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I haven't seen the wrapping paper, but I was in Kohls a week ago, and they

had the HSM nailpolish and lipstick sets for $1.60. Each set had 5 pieces, and

came in a plastic case with a long cord attached to it. Regularly $6 or $8.

These would make nice party favors. I am planning on breaking up the sets

and putting one lipstick and nailpolish in each girl's goody bags for my daughter's

birthday party.


Another idea is, depending on the size and number of gifts you have, is to buy

HSM posters and wrap the gifts in those. I am pretty sure Walmart carries them.

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My daughter is having her 10th Birthday Party in March, She wants High School Musical. I am mom who loves to get the wrapping paper to match theme but unable to find it at present. Anyone know if It is possible to find.,,,,,Please help Thanks......

I am the same way.:rolleyes: But do you know what I have been doing lately instead of buying the liscensed paper, which is expensive and seems like a waste, I use plain paper which comes in lots of nice colours. And then I attach something to the outside that has to do with the theme. You can usually pick up some cool little thing to attach to the outside....especially for the HSM theme. The above poster was just mentioning some little sets that she picked up...they would be perfect. I tuck it under the curling ribbon (I use lots!) and they get an extra little present and the theme still shines through, for about the same price

(or sometimes even less)!!:D

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