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106-pc. Cookware Set was $149 now $69 JcPenny's


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If you buy this make sure you dont put in the dishwasher it said hand wash only

Good catch! I didn't see that so buyer beware. But it does not say hand wash ONLY - it says hand wash. So maybe it's simply recommended to hand wash, not required. I don't know. Might be worth calling customer service to verify.


Personally, I would take my chances and put it through the dishwasher. Just my opinion. I put stuff through the dishwasher all the time that "hand wash recommended" on the label. I guess I've been living dangerously!


Or it could be one of those situations where they try and mitigate their warranty risk. Like when you buy a new mattress, if you don't buy their box spring it voids the warranty on the mattress. Makes no sense to me, but I'm sure in the product warranty world there is some reason for it.

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i got one and the quality was bad... the handle of one of the knives was broken when it arrived... then one of the spoons' handle got broken after 5 days of using it... food seems to burn easily on the pots and pans, which just seem non-stick but i doubt they're non-stick at all... and oh... i'm missing a lot of pieces, too...i guess you get what you pay for...

anyone know how to return this? thanks

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