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Vistaprint Codes

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Does anyone know of any Vistaprint Codes? The site currently offers free shipping for orders over $50, but my order's not high enough! :no: I could really use free shipping. Thanks in advance!


PS: If anyone here is interested in caricature stationery (with the customized family members), Vistaprint is a pretty inexpensive way to go :yup:

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sorry the only code I have ever heard of is FS + $50. I always just get the free stuff. Then for 7 free things is usually only about $15 worth. Sometimes when you add just as little as $10 worth of items the shipping goes way down. That's the way we go! Vistaprint does all our business and personal printing.
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You only get the free shipping if you use certain links.... The one above provides FS till 2-16-08.


Also tons of free items at www.vistaprint.com/wintercatalog but you pay the shipping charges.


<edited to add...>

WOW!!! I just went to the site though....The prices are high (to me anyway.) Just a heads up.

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