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Okay, this might seem dorky, but I am looking for cherry chip frosting and/or cake mix. I found the cake mix today (two boxes only!) at Safeway, but not the matching frosting so I settled for rainbow chip. They had plain cherry, but no cherry chip. It seems that they have this only around V-day and I like to stock up as it is my fave. Has anyone seen this at Walmart or Target or anywhere like that?
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According to Betty Crocker, there is no cherry chip. Looks like plain cherry in each but no chip.


Cherry chip cake mix should be available from Betty also. Since it probably isn't a huge seller, you may only find it around this time of the year or at large warehouse type stores that do a larger amount of business.


Ask at your local store for a request card and you should be able to see if the store you frequent can get it for you.


Good luck! Made me hungry so I know I will be looking for a mix tomorrow!

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