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Bissell Healthy Home Bagless Vacuum $199.99 at LNT.com


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Bissell Healthy Home Bagless Vacuum is on sale for $249.99 at LNT.com.

Use code 26620000008 for 20% off making it $200. [ymmv due to tax]

Use in-store pickup to avoid shipping charges.


For some reason direct link isn't working. Just do a search for

Bissell Healthy Home Bagless Vacuum





Very good reviews


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I've been thinking of this one....


is it super heavy??


easy to clean ? my current one is a pain to clean..


work on hardwoods?





I did find that this one was a bit heavier at first than my mom's Dyson, but after using it a few times, it doesn't seem bad at all.


I think is fairly easy to clean. If you have a LOT of dust and stuff, I would suggest putting a sack on the end when dumping instead of dumping straight into the garbage (unless you have a large one) as they suggest as the dust can sometimes get a little messy.


I don't use the actual vaccum itself on my hardwood. I usually just use the hand attachment and clean that way which in my opinion has great sucking power!



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I have a bagless vac (another brand) and I was just cursing it because I absolutely hate cleaning out the canister. I would rather pay for bags and not have to deal with the expense of filters or the mess of the canister. :yuck:
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I had a hoover windtunnel that I purchased back when they first brought out the large grey model and spent over $200 at penny's for it. It worked great for a couple of months then it decided it would no longer pick up lint nor pet hair but it would definately pick up tons of other stuff hidden in the carpet. I couldn't take any more and looked for about a month reading all reviews and just when you think you know what you want you come across negative reviews so I was decided to just go head and purchase the DC17 animal dyson and while waiting to get in on a dyson deal I had two people tell me about the bissels. They said they had the $60 some dollar one at walmart and absolutley love it. They both had long hair animals ( I have 4 ) so I thought I'd give it a try before all that money spent on a more expensive unit. Oh my gosh, it is light and hasn't missed one thing on the floor and I've had it for about 4 months now. The only draw back is how small the cups are that hold the dirt but as long as it picks up everything I can handle it. I had to spend hours trying to get the hoover to pick up the top layers of hair and lint just in the family room alone, now I can vaccum the whole house in less than 30 minutes. I had even gotten so desperate that I bought one of those long lint roller brushes to go over the carpet after I had vaccum. So my point is this, if you have long hair animals and don't want to spend alot on a vaccum and want the work done try the cheaper bissel first and if you don't like it then you could take it back then purchase the more expensive models. Walmart had one for $44 and another for $66.xx and some higher price ones, I choose the red one that was around $66. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4633929 JMO Edited by rennakay
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