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White House Black Market $10 off over $10, free ship - Get this silver case for $4


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A very chic creditcard case/money clip/business card holder. It's silver w/scroll design.


Discount $10.00 off any order (over $10) Use Code 8027 at checkout. Valid only once per account.


Free Shipping until Feb 3. Don't forget your free gift box! This would make a nice valentine's gift, tuck a Victoria Secret or Bath Body Works gift card.



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I just ordered the Lucky Dice Keychain and it was weird - the original screen showed the $10 off credit, but the final confirm page didn't show it. BUT, the TOTAL amount was $0.00. Hopefully, I'll get a confirm soon. I did a print screen, just in case.

I did the same thing, THANKS


And THANKS OP..Don't know if you noticed but you can get it giftboxed for FREE right now too!

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Thanks, I just picked up the Ghandi keychain - at least I think I did....


The order confirmation page says

What happens now?

1. We will verify and reserve your items.

2. We will authorize your credit card.

3. We will pack and ship your in-stock items.

4. We will send you an email confirmation when your order ships.


I guess that means that I may or may not actually have bought something!.... if it is not available (or if the total price is too low maybe) I may not have bought anything afterall..

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I just checked my order status and it says this:

SKU #403000121599

Lucky Dice Key Ring


-One Size $16.00 Our apologies - Due to popular demand this item is no longer available.


How is it no longer available AFTER I ordered it BLAH:yuck:

I checked my status too - same thing! I sent an email telling them that I was disappointed that they didn't contact me to let me know. This would've been PERFECT for my sister's bday in Feb.

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I have reviewed this order and the item was cancelled because we will not be receiving another shipment in our catalog department as originally expected. Once notified of this status, we cancelled the item in hopes of locating it in a store. As of 1/29/08, the item was flagged as sold out.

This is my response. She also said that if I wish to purchase something else, that I should place my order online, then respond to her email and she'd apply 10% off. I hope that I get the $10 off the next order - that code was only good for 1 time use per account.



Interestingly enough, the lucky dice key chain is still showing as available on the website... and I placed my order on 1/28! :mad:

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UPDATE!! If your status shows unavailable, email them! You can still get it!


I sincerely apologize for the confusion in this matter. I have researched this further and see that the item is available and the fact that it was coming up as sold out and in stores was due to a technical error. I have added this item back to your order and have requested overnight shipping free of charge.

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I got my Lucky Dice Keychain today - it was really cute. Unfortunately, it looks like it was a return because there is a HUGE scratch on the charm that says Lucky on it. I guess I'm going to have to return it. :( At least there is a local store so I don't have to pay to ship it back.
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