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LL Bean $8.00 deluxe backpack


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I keep getting this message...




We're sorry, more information is needed to order this item. Please select all options for this item before continuing your order


I've chosen whatever options are available. Weird. Must be sold out?

I'm getting the same message now also. I ordered 3 earlier but wanted to order another for my DD's friend. I'm thinking they must be sold out also. Oh well...

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Guest JustMeDiana

The link is gone now too. darn.

Page Not Found

We're sorry, the page you requested is not available. You might find what you are looking for at one of the links below.

Shopping departments

Home page

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Borrowed from another board I enjoyed this deal and I thought you would also.




use LL 7479920 for free shipping!!


Enjoy :)

This is available again, but for $12.95 and it looks like all the colors are also good to go! I also got free shipping, so total was $12.95. Not too bad! Thanks OP.

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