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YakPak.com Web Special 3 Bags for $10.00


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I saw this posted on another board.

Has anyone ever ordered from them before?


YakPak.com Web Special

3 Bags for $10.00


3 random items for one great price.

Please note that bags may be of any size, shape, color, gender, intended use and brand.

Due to the special nature of this deal we limit customers to 3 Web Specials per order



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I'm extremely tempted to. They also have a random pack for footwear.




2 pairs of women's footwear for $15.


Two great pairs of YAK PAK shoes. Original retail value over $100.00. Featured in numerous fashion magazines. Due to the special nature of this offer no exchanges or returns are offered. Last 3 digits of item number indicate size. Sizing is women's.


Some of their stuff is really cute.

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Check your online statements.


From their information page:

"When will you charge my card for the order?

We do not actually charge your card until the bag(s) you order physically leave our warehouse and are on the way to you. If we make a mistake and charge your card before that time, your order is free."


Hmmm, my order status is still pending. I ordered on the 23rd and my card was charged on the 25th. I got an order confirmation, yet no shipping confirmation. They may just get a call.

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Sorry to post twice in a row, but my order came today.


This is/was an AWESOME deal for what I received. I ordered the shoe pack and received 2 pair of tennis shoes. One is black and decent, the other is red and adorable. The red ones are the type with elastic rather than laces.


In the bag pack, Oh my goodness...:shock:


I got a medium sized purse that's black and white checked with stars alternating. I received a black backpack with skull and crossbones (Hmmmm, not sure what I'm going to do with that.) and a laptop case, very nice with all sorts of pockets with a removeable case for a PDA. The PDA case also has pockets.


Thank you very much, OP! This was certainly worth it! :g_clap::yelclap::yay:

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I just received my YakPak bags today and got the same 3 that the poster above did. A Dickies Black/White w/stars purse, a black laptop bag w/ separate PDA case and a black w/white skulls backpack. Definately worth the $10 (+ $5.50 shipping) just for the laptop bag. :D
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My dh would probably not be happy if I did this, but some of the purses and bags are so cute. My dd would love the skulls. I think the laptop bag and totes are awesome. I definitely don't need any more backpacks... What to do...

I know the feeling. This deal has been tempting me since it was first posted, but I think my husband would kill me if I bought anymore bags anytime in the near future. They certainly have some cute stuff though. You can hardly get one bag for $15 (including shipping) anywhere so this really is a great deal. I'm not helping matters any am I?:tongue1:

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