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Building a home, need help finding deals!!!

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I love GD, I have learned how to really save money here! The question I have now is how do I save money on things to use building my new home? I know there are probably places to find light fixtures, appliances, flooring, tiles, etc. but I dont know where to look. I know there are GD members that probably are experts, can anyone direct me to saving some money?
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I dont know where you live, but we have a place in Nashville called Southeastern Salvage. If you are there when they get things in, it is dirt cheap. They have great deals on Granite, hardwood, laminate, carpet, decorations etc. I got some really cute pictures that I had seen on art.com for $129 for $9!!! They run Bruce hardwood for $2 a square foot for a while.


Craigslist is also a great place. We have bought several things there. It is good for appliances, sinks, etc.


Light fixtures we have just run across deals at Lowes. We go in a lot just to check and see if they have put any clearance out.


We also have Habitat for Humanity reuse stores here. It is where major stores donate to Habitat, and instead of using it, they sell it in the stores.

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Builddirect.com is awesome for flooring and decking and such. Check them out.


As for all of the fixtures and such I would shop your local stores and then compare prices on the internet. Sometimes buying in bulk is easier on the internet.


Good Luck and Congratulations!

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Habitat for Humanity has a building supply thrift store in my county. Stores will donate older models and so will manufacturers. Go to Google and type in "Habitat for Humanity" and "thrift store" and your state and you should be able to find the info that you need.


Also in Boulder, we have a place called Resource, where people, builders, etc.... bring used and new building materials, lighting fixtures, cabinets, etc......

On their website I found these links


Links and Recycling Information

Building Material Reuse Association (BMRA)


National association with links to used building material stores around the country.




Greenerbuilding.org furthers low-impact ways to design and build functional, comfortable, and attractive homes and is a division of the Center for ReSource Conservation.



Also if you need stone for your home, check out a stone quarry in your area. Most times you can buy, by the pound and many of them have a "salvage" type rock piles, that are less expensive.


And check out


ReUseIt @ yahoo groups. You can post that you are looking forcertain building materials and even plants when you are landscaping and if members have them they will give them for free.



FreeCycle @ yahoo groups does the same thing.

To find a FreeCycle group near you just go to yahoo groups and search for FreeCycle in your area.


Good Luck


ps The Best Buy nears me had a bunch of floor model appliances on sale yesterday. You can check there, if you aren't ready to purchase those items now, contact the management and ask when they usually have sales on that type of stuff. You can do this at places like Home Depot and flooring stores too.

IKEA has some cool cabinets and they are doing whirlpool applianves now to.

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