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Perimeter Perusing at Target (Target Clearance Deals) - 2008

Gator Pam

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Just wondering what people thing we should do:


1. Keep this thread open until 12/31 (and include all Xmas clearance posts) and start normal new thread 1/1 (which may also have leftover Xmas posts).


2. Close this thread tonight and start new thread for Q1 2009 early so Xmas clearance will be at the beginning of the new thread and contained all in one thread.


3. Create a separate thread just for Xmas clearance discussion (and close this one 12/31 & open new one for 1/1)



I'd just start a new thread for the quarter and have Xmas at the front. I hate having to move between threads.

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More toys marked clearance, and a lot more already at 50%. Found LPS VIP Friends for $5.98 (started at $24.99 then marked to half that as a regular price, now 50% off the 2nd regular price). Also found the original series of UB Funkeys figures 50% off.

Was that at one Target- or did you go to a couple of them?

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Thanks for everything, Brad! Merry Christmas! You have really MADE a lot of people's Christmases because of this site!

Ditto to this! My kid's birthdays (both December b-days) and Christmas presents have been almost exclusively due to this site and have had a few extra little things due to the deals I've found. And so far they have loved every deal I've found!


Thanks Brad :D

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