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What to do with all of their old toys?


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What to do with all of their old toys?


Ahhh, I am sure now, that some of you are looking into your kids' toy boxes, and realizing how over full they are. :) If you aren't today, you will within the next coming weeks.

I have some suggestions:

Go through the 'old' toys, if your kids are old enough, have them do it.

Pick out unbroken toys that still work. Clean them up/sanitize them if need be.

Donate them.


There are so many places that can use them:

  • Daycares/Preschools that are funded by the government (Headstarts/etc)
  • Maybe Children's wards in your local hospital (may want to call ahead of time to check the policy)
  • Homeless shelters/Domestic Violence Shelters/etc
  • Board games/books are always needed in the elementary classrooms
  • Board games/card games can also be donated to Nursing Homes
  • The family down the street that looks like they could use them
  • Goodwill/Salvation Army/etc (not only will a family benefit being able to buy the toy at a decent price, but the organization benefits many ways too)
  • Stuffed animals (though you would need to throw them in the washing machine) can be used by the Fire/Police/Ambulance department - they give them to kids during scary times and it comforts the children
  • Children's Blankets could go to any of the places suggested


These are just a few suggestions. I know in the next coming months the homeless shelters and such will see a HUGE decrease in donations.


And remember, if you are donating to a shelter, I am sure they would love any non-perishable food items that you may have in your home that you have an abundance of.


Merry Christmas all!


Done with my 'service announcement' :)

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That is such a great reminder this time of year. Trust me we will be doing this very soon. We usually donate to Salvation Army or Goodwill.


Another idea is to give them via Freecycle.org. Sometimes it is nice to actually see where they are going -- especially if you are involving the kids. It makes it more personal for them and really reinforces the spirit of giving.

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We weeded through two playrooms and donated most of the stuff to the hospital where my wife works. (peds hospital) But they're very particular on what they rec due to the demographics. We also gave a few things to the pedaticians/specialists for their waiting rooms and I went and gave a few toys to the barber shop where my boys get their haircut.
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my dd decided she didn't want her talking elmo or talk care bear any suggestions on how to clean them? i can't put them in the washer being that they run on batteries. thanks

Most of those toys have a "Clean Care" label. My wife usually just spot-treats it w soap and warm water when needed and lets it airdry. She usually lysol's the toys in the house once every two weeks after school starts.

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