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Any reviews on UBFunky's?


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My 6yo ds wants this but I wasn't sure it was worth the money. I found it last night at Kohl's with four extra Funky's for only $13.99 (stickered at $34.99) so I picked it up. Has anyone seen it in use yet? I would like to hear from others if it's worth keeping.
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My son got it for his birthday. It's a fun game and I like to play too. There are supposed to be like 40 funkeys to collect but so far Target, Walmart, and KMart all have had the same ones. So he has collected 6 funkeys and we can't find any different ones. We'll just have to keep checking. I may end up buying some online.

My Dell computer is several years old so the game locks up sometimes or takes a while to load up and that frustrates my son. I really think it's the computer though and not the game itself.

Also, when we first tried to install we couldn't until we got on the web and installed some patch...then it installed fine.

They are cheap little toys so it's nice that you only have to pay around $5 to collect each one.

Hope that helps some of you. Any other questions just ask.

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You're welcome fairydust! I'm glad you were able to find it at your Kohls too.


Thanks for the info cianco. You may want to check Target again. I was there last night and my store had a ton of them! More than I've ever seen them have. And thanks for the info about the patch. I was intending to load it on the kids computer but they don't have an internet connection (just for playing games) and it's an older computer. Now I'll know if there are problems that I'll need to load it on mine.


Sounds like it's worth keeping, especially for the price. Thanks!

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No matter where you buy them or how much they cost, you should all be aware that the company does NOT support your right to download the software should anything happen to your original disk (included in the starter kit). Their insane logic is, if you lose it, you buy it again--they are more than happy to "support" your right to buy the disk again--if they still carry it. This would be equivalent to buying a computer with a pre-loaded Windows operating system, having it become corrupted for whatever reason, and then having to buy a new computer to reinstall the software. They refuse to acknowledge that children and software are a volatile mix or that the disks have a limited shelf life. I promised them that I would notify everyone that I possibly could to make as many backups of your software and put them in as many safe places as you think necessary to protect your UBFunkey toys for as long as you think you'll need to have it. They are already making series 2, so all of you who have series 1 know your time is limited to begin with--they're not going to make old software or why would you buy the new series? If you have the time and want to prove it to yourselves, give the company a call and allow them to tell you why they shouldn't have to make the software download available--it's a hoot. Someone's been taking lessons in customer service from Bill Gates.
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