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Butterscotch Alternative


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I know a lot of people were still looking for Butterscotch or a cheaper alternative. At my local TRU today they had Tango the ride on horse for $79. I didn't see him online but found a link on Amazon.



Product Description

Tango the Ride On Horse - Beige, by Dayla Baby: 30 in. L x 11 in. W x 27 in. H Interactive Ride-On Horse. Pet Tango's head and he'll snort, pull his reigns for a ween, and give him a pat on his rump for a gallop and trot. Features: True to life sounds --Pet Tango's forehead --Pull Tango's reigns Tap Tango's brand Fun bouncy ride --Spring activated seat Seat height: 19 in. H Standard Features: LEARNING Fun sounds, bright textures, and interactive functions to stimulate growing minds. DESIGN FOR SAFETY Supportive style seating. GROWING ROCKER Increase the height in order to allow children to get the most use out of their rocker. STEP PLATES Unique design that makes our foot rests as attractive as they are functional. QUIET RIDE Protect floors and reduce noise with our unique 'quiet ride' feature.

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I saw this at TRU a few weeks ago. It is alot smaller than Butterscotch. For the money I would say it's worth it, but if your kids have their hearts set on the other, I would say they would be very disapointed.

I would agree with you. It is definitely an alternative and not a replacement.

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