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Ipod mp3 pillow


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Hi! got the kids mp3 players. Started looking for a great deal on ipod/mp3 pillows. Found a great deal at KB toys for 75% off. Only problem is that they were all girly ones. Did find a nice one for my DD, for $5. Now I need to find a cool one for my DS, and somehow frilly pink just won't do. :)


Checked some of the retail stores like Target, Walmart, etc. I either am not looking in the right place or they don't carry them. Wondering if other stores like Kohl's, Penny's etc sells them.


Thanks for any help.

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You should check Linens and Things and Bed, Bath and Beyond as well. I've seen them there before, and if you find one there you like you can use one of the 20% off coupons. Also, I know that the Kohl's here carries the iPod pillows, so you should definitely check there as well. Good luck.
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