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Batteries.com Stocking Stuffer Sale Plus 15% Code inside


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Right now at Batteries.com they have a cute variety of stocking stuffers. PLUS right now there is a 15% additional off code: YULE15


Heres some gadgets they have:


Rainbow Bubble Pen 2.99

Retro Lite Pen 2.99

Multi-color Spinner Wand 2.99

Energizer Pirates o/t Caribbean Skull Squeeze Light / Key Chain 3.49

Self-programmable mini LED Fans 3.99

Energizer Cars Movie Lightning McQueen Squeeze Light / Key Chain 3.49

Disney Princess Plug-In Nightlight 5.99

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Skull 2-in-1 Flashlight with Batteries by Energizer 6.99


Plus more....



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25% off code: NOW2008

Free shipping on most orders, no tax...this site even has a 45 day no questions asked return policy.

i just tried to place an order using this code, and I got this message.


"You entered an invalid coupon, please try again." oh well I wanted to buy the charger for the Energizer it's $36....:(





;);) 25% off code is NEW2008................not "NOW2008" ;) ;)










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